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About me

What's up, my name is Nico and I'm 22 years old.

Currently I'm studying media engineering at HSD (Hochschule Duesseldorf) in Duesseldorf.

In 2017 / 2018 I found my passion in photo- / videography while spending a year overseas traveling through Australia, New Zealand, parts of China, Hongkong and Indonesia before I went back home to Germany.

I filmed like everything and took thousands of pictures to make sure, I'll never forget even a day out of my journey.

I started editing videos and photos trying to visualize what it felt like while taking them. Trying out new techniques and editing-effects became more and more interesting to me.

I'm happy that I can still improve my skills while keep doing what I love.

I quit my part-time job in 2019 which I did beside studying to fully focus working as a freelancer together with agencies like "Tonic Designagentur" and "Flagschifffilm" to realize clients visions.

I accompanied events, shooted and edited interviews, image films and product videos for clients.

Besides producing content, I am familiar with creating campaigns and social media management as well.

Today I'm still fully into it and couldn't imagine back then, that it's effecting me that much.

That's basically the story how I got into photo- / videography and how it all started.

To me, photography or videography means meeting new people, visiting new locations, capturing moments and things, that mean a lot to the client.

Right now, I'm about to finish my bachelor degree and we will see what the future will bring and to be honest,   I can't wait for it.

If  you liked what you just have read, and I was able to catch your interest, please feel free to contact me for any further information on any of my social media channels or mail.


Nico :)

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